Waste Water Treatment

- Sewage Treatment Plant
Grey Water Treatment
- Decentralised STP
- Containerized STP
- Skid Mounted STP
- STP for labor camp
Compact STP

- Sustainable STP
- STP for weekend home
- Tertiary Treatment with Ozonation

 Water Treatment Solutions

- Drinking Water Treatment
- Ozone in Food & Beverage
- Swimming Pool/Ponds
- Process Water Treatment
- Type II RO Water
- Ozone Laundry System
- Cooling Tower Treatment
- Municipal Drinking Water
- Sea Water Desalination
- River/Lake/Dam Ground

 Air Treatment Solutions

- Operation Room Fumigation
- Odor removal / Control
- Indoor Air Treatment
- Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
- HVAC / AHU Ozonation
- Air Disinfection
- VOC Reduction
- Sick Building Syndrome
- Production Industry
- Packing Industry



Chemtronics has successfully designed and installed solution to integrate and retrofit with the present and conventional system with proven and time tested ozone based technology.

Its technology integration gives buy back of CapEx in reasonably short period depending upon the application and customised solution. Ozone is one of the most advance technologies and can be integrated with great advantage in treatment of Water, Waste Water and air treatment in hotel.

Application Areas For Air : -


• The ozone generator left on in an empty room sanitizes and deodorizes the room, getting rid of musty, stale bedroom smells and permeating the linen and curtains killing bacteria and mildew.
• The generator closed inside a cupboard deodorizes linen, clothing, shoes and jackets, including leather. Destroying all fungi and mildew, insects like moths and mites are driven away or killed.
• Ozone prevents the growth of mould, mildew and fungus in cupboards, carpets and walls removing stale and muddy odors associated with such problems.


• Hotel Lobby, if not properly cleaned and ventilated thoroughly, can hold a number of objectionable odours. ozone treatment will eliminate bad smell and the room is left with a fresh air smell and is ready for the new customer to use.


• Ozone is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew in bathrooms and neutralizes unpleasant bathroom odors.
• Ozone generators fitted into public restrooms maintain low levels of bacteria and deodorize the area, creating the most sanitary conditions possible for clients and guests.








• Ozone treatment can leave the room odor free as the gas reacts with the smoke molecules, effectively separating them and allowing them to dissipate.
• Ozone neutralizes any odors and is especially effective for getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, even if it has permeated the furniture and curtains. Also eradicated by ozone are the smell of paint or glue fumes, spilt alcohol, pet urine, mildew and damp, body odors and fire damage etc.
• Ozone is especially useful for the day after a party when a room still smells like cigarettes, alcohol or foods even after the guests have gone and the room has been cleaned. An ozone generator left on in a closed room overnight will totally deodorize the room, carpets, furniture and curtains.
• Ozone generators permanently installed in an area such as a smoking room or bar allow constant deodorization and neutralization. This neutralizes a once permanent problem and creates a healthier environment for guests, staff, smokers and non-smokers.


• Ozone oxidizes any bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and fungi thus; using it in the kitchen creates a totally sanitary environment in which to prepare food, free of germs and diseases.
• By neutralizing bacteria, ozone also kills odors, leaving the kitchen totally free of any unpleasant odors from stale cooking smells, dustbins or drains, or clears the air of chemical pollution like glue or paint.
• Insides of a fridges and freezers absorb unpleasant smells of fish or garlic etc, which cannot be cleaned away with detergents. Ozone permeates all of the surfaces inside the area being treated, destroying the smells inside the fridge or freezer, even in the cracks and corners which conventional cleaning methods cannot reach.
• Ozone makes your perishables last longer, in the pantry or in the refrigerator. Ozone will keep the air free from bacteria, which slows down the ripening of fruits and vegetables and extends the life of meat and eggs substantially.
• By making your kitchen cleaner and significantly reduces bacterial load which also deters insects like cockroaches and flies.
• In the staff washrooms and changing rooms, disinfecting clothing and shoes and preventing spread of bacteria into the kitchen from contaminated clothing.


• By treating the air conditioning system with ozone, you can prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungi this will eliminate bad smell and the spread of health problems such as, allergies, rashes ,colds, viruses & legionnaires.


• Ozone has been successfully reduced smell, bacteria, mould, mildew and other mi.cro organisms from the HVAC system. Ozone is increasingly being used in HVAC system to improve the indoor air quality and also to improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC cooling coils.
• Controlled quantity of ozone introduces in the AC Ducts Eliminates Toxic gasses, odors smoke by oxidation and microbes & virus.

Application Areas For Water & Waste Water : -


• In the course of the past two decades, Drinking water treatment technology has advanced under the combined influence of three simultaneously occurring factors:
• A steady increase in the pollution of natural waters.
• A continued enhancement of the sensitivity and accuracy of analytical methods.
• A continual raising of drinking water standards.
• New water treatment goals for DBPs disinfectant Byproducts & for microbial inactivation will increase the need to new disinfection technologies. Ozone is an attractive alternative.
• Ozonation provides no germicidal or disinfection residual to inhibit or prevent regrowth.
• Reduces the formation of disinfection by products (DBPs) such as TTHM and HAA5.
• Ozone will oxidize both organic and inorganic substances, remove unwanted taste, odor and color, and provide effective disinfection.
• Ozone inactivates and destroys all bacteria, virus and protozoa’s.


• The use of ozone in the laundry water reduces the requirement of detergents and also the wash can be achieved with lower temperatures.
• Ozone acts as a chemical enhancer. When applied properly ozone; Reduces water use, reduces fuel use in making hot water. Reduces chemical use, reduces waste water contamination. Ozone is also effective in Reducing fabric degradation. Extending linen life reducing formula run time (productive hours): extending equipment life
• Reduces energy cost of heating.


• The Hotel industry uses an exorbitant amount of water. The large amount of toilets, showers, wash basins, swimming pools, and other appliances consume massive amounts of water.
• More water is wasted because of guests leaving appliances on and being careless with water usage. The hotel industry ultimately poses a large threat to the environment, and alternate water and energy conservation methods are needed to combat this problem.
• Recycling has also been instituted to reduce pollution and reduce waste material.
• Waste water consists of black water and gray water. Black water, which is water contaminated by sewage, comes from your toilet. Grey water is wastewater generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing which can be recycled on-site for uses such as landscape irrigation and constructed wetlands.
• Ozone black/grey water treatment is a method that is increasing in popularity. An ozone generator is used to break down pollutants in the water source.
• Using ozone to treat black/grey water has many benefits:
• Kills bacteria effectively.
• There are no nasty odors or residues produced from the treatment.
• Ozone converts back into oxygen quickly, and leaves no trace once it has been used.
• No harmful by products.






• Cooling tower water requires extensive treatment. During Cooling Tower water treatment, three main factors must be controlled.
• Corrosion of pipes and heat exchanger units.
• Scaling in pipes and (mainly) in heat exchangers.
• Microbial growth (bacteria algae).
• These three aspects cannot be viewed separately. Conventional treatment techniques are mainly applications of chemical biocides, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors. Ozone is a reliable alternative that controls the above-mentioned factors sufficiently.
• Makes the water crystal clear, eliminating all turbidity.
• Dissolves the scale and inhibits further scaling, hence improving heat transfer and further saving on chemicals and pollution.
• Reduced Chemical Usage – Chlorine can substitute for several chemicals in a cooling tower treatment package,


• Water disinfection is one of the key treatment steps for all types of swimming pools, either public or private. Efficient pool water disinfection is essential for pools. Swimming pool water is contaminated by swimmers & environment pollutants. Swimming pool pollutants can be divided up into three groups: microorganisms, un-dissolved pollutants & dissolved pollutant.
• No formation of dangerous by-products
• Eliminate red, irritated eyes and dry, itchy skin
• Eliminate costly replacement of faded swimwear
• Remove unpleasant chlorine / chloramines odors
• No adverse health or environmental effects.
• Water consumption can be decreased, because of an increase in water quality







• Water quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of pond management Clay turbidity in ponds is one of the most common quality issue several other variables influence water quality for fish including water temperature, phytoplankton, photosynthesis and pH, carbon dioxide, alkalinity and hardness. Additionally, water quality can be affected through the interaction of these factors.
• Water quality is vital in ensuring healthy plant and animal life in a pond.
• The use of ozone ensures the clarity of water besides keeping the water sterile for the safety of the fishes.
• Reduction of harmful ammonia (NH3-) and nitrite (NO2-) levels by oxidizing them to nitrate (NO3-).
• Algae control.
• Destruction of harmful inorganic components.
• 50% stronger oxidizer than chlorine
• Remove, odor, color.
• No formation of dangerous by-products


• The depleting of open water fish stock has resulted in the growth of aquaculture systems. Fish hatcheries and fish farms play an ever increasing role in supplying the world's demand for fish. To effectively supply this demand, fish farms must practice intensive farming techniques where more and more fish are farmed in the same or smaller tank volumes. Of course, as the fish density grows so does the risk of infection by water-borne bacteria and viruses. One of the main criteria for growing healthy fish stock is the need to remove waste matter from fish growing tanks and provide the stock with clean water.
• Ozone is increasingly used in aquaculture due to its numerous advantages over traditional water treatment methods.
• Oxidizes organic matter such as fish excrement
• Precipitates dissolved matter
• Allows the micro-flocculation of organic matter
• Disinfects the water


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