Waste Water Treatment

- Sewage Treatment Plant
Grey Water Treatment
- Decentralised STP
- Containerized STP
- Skid Mounted STP
- STP for labor camp
Compact STP

- Sustainable STP
- STP for weekend home
- Tertiary Treatment with Ozonation

 Water Treatment Solutions

- Drinking Water Treatment
- Ozone in Food & Beverage
- Swimming Pool/Ponds
- Process Water Treatment
- Type II RO Water
- Ozone Laundry System
- Cooling Tower Treatment
- Municipal Drinking Water
- Sea Water Desalination
- River/Lake/Dam Ground

 Air Treatment Solutions

- Operation Room Fumigation
- Odor removal / Control
- Indoor Air Treatment
- Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
- HVAC / AHU Ozonation
- Air Disinfection
- VOC Reduction
- Sick Building Syndrome
- Production Industry
- Packing Industry


Sea Water Desalination

Oceans make up 97% of the world’s supply of water. As demand for drinking water out strips limited fresh portable water supplies in an area. Desalting brackish and other saline waters may provide an attractive alternative or supplemental water supply.

Water, desalination of, process of removing soluble salts from water to render it suitable for drinking, irrigation, or industrial uses. Desalination using seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membrane technology has become a viable option for the development of new regional water supplies.

Chemtronics Technologies supply of reliable seawater SWRO membrane desalination systems. Desalination projects range in size from small 2,000 cubic meter/day plants to 200,000 cubic meter/day.

In reverse osmosis desalination process, in which pressure is applied to saltwater to force it through a special membrane. Only pure water passes, leaving concentrated seawater behind. Reverse osmosis costs about half that amount of other desalination process.

Desalination :

Desalination refers to any of several processes that remove excess salt and other minerals from water. It is used on many seagoing ships and submarines. Most of the modern interest in desalination is focused on developing cost-effective ways of providing fresh water for human use in regions where the availability of fresh water is limited.

Large-scale desalination typically uses extremely large amounts of energy as well as specialized, expensive infrastructure, making it very costly compared to the use of fresh water from rivers or groundwater.

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Green Building
Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Sustainable Building
Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

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