waste water treatment
waste water treatment
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About – Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by recently discovered Corona Virus

Chemtronics has used environment friendly ozone gas for more than two decades to treat water & waste water for diversified applications. With our rich experience and continuous research & development, we have successfully developed many innovative application for the benefit of mankind & environment. In our research we found some more oxidants can also be produced from oxygen atoms. These unique blend of multiple oxidation & application engineering, we are able to offer innovative solution to the world. From last 15 years we have used our oxidation solutions for treatment of air. This can be exhaust polluted air or indoor air.

Chemtronics has developed & mastered two techniques termed as “Capture & Treat” and “Penetrate & Treat”. These techniques make our solutions unique, effective & offers highest performance compared to any in the industry across the globe.

In current pandemic situation due to highly infectious nature of COVID-19, world was surprised & helpless to combat. We started learning & experimenting our ECO+BOI technology to produce blend of oxidants to treat air & surfaces to kill any kind of bacteria and viruses. Now we have couple of solutions to fight against all types of bacteria & viruses. Some of them are listed below:

Entry & exit level Disinfection
All time 24x07 Disinfection
• Sterilisation Enclosures
• Portable & Mobile Disinfection Systems
• Disinfection services


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