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OEMs is short name for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, the manufacturers uses another company's product & makes their product/service/project, under their own name & branding or equipment manufacturer’s name& branding when it comes to air, water & waste water projects on solution producing company, they uses ozone generators as a part of entire project. Where Principle Company is called OEM & the ozone generator manufacturer is classified as OEM supplier.

E.g.1. Reverse Osmosis plant manufacturing company uses Groundforce pump, Dow membrane, pressure gauges, Rota meter, RO controller. This RO plants manufacturing company is called OEM & all manufacturers like pump, membrane, pressure gauge, Rota meter, RO controller etc. Are called OEM supplier.

E.g 2 Waste water treatment plant manufacturer uses pumps, filters, blowers, bio media, rota meters, pressure gauges, dossing pumps, ozonators etc.

So waste water plant manufacturer is called OEM & all equipment manufactures like pumps, filters, blowers, bio media, rotameters, pressure gauges, dossing pumps, ozonators are called OEM supplies. Chemtronics caters to many regional, national & international OEMs with ozone generators to integrate in their projects/solutions.
Chemtronics offers special service & price to all registered OEMS.

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