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STP For Labour Camps

Labor camp/ colonies are proposed to be constructed close to the project construction site. The total construction time for the project is about 4 to 5 years and the average and peak labor strength to be employed at the construction site will be 100 to 200 respectively. The water requirement for such labour approximately 45 liters per day. The domestic water requirement is significant as the most of the construction site is in industrial zone, where the supply of domestic water is limited.
In project construction phase the major source of pollutant which is contributed water pollution to the environment is sewage from labor camps/colonies. Normally one community latrine can be provided per 20 persons. The sewage from the community latrines can be collected in sewage collection tanks. Disposal of this sewage on daily basis is one of the major problem occur in mainly in construction site where the common municipal sewage system connection is not available.
Practically the most common method to deal with daily waste water was to transport domestic sewage using sewage vacuum tankers, but this process was time consuming and expensive. Compared to this the alternative is – treating the sewage waste on site.
Chemtronics Decentralized Green STP AD+ Sewage treatment plant is the appropriate solution needed an efficient way to deal with daily sewage waste water. Apart from the domestic sewage impurities labor camp also contains particles of Cement & Sand as the laborers take bath or wash their hands, which makes the conventional sewage treatment process difficult. Chemtronics provide a customized Green STP AD+ solution take care of these impurities also. The sewage is proposed to be treated before disposal to avoid deterioration of water quality of the receiving water body or we it can be reuse.

Labur Camp Sewage Treament Plant

Resuse Application :
• Gardening
• Toilet Flushing
• Landscape Irrigation
• Cooling Tower 
• Car Washing
• Fire Sprinklers 
• Non potable use

Salient Features:
• Underground structure with compact design & completely covered plant.
• No foul odour around the STP area or in the receiving environment.
• Does not require continuous monitoring and operation.
• Works well with inconsistent grey water flow.
• Minimal sludge generation.
• Zero liquid from STP.
• Extremely low Maintenance. 
• 50 – 70% less power consumption compared to conventional aerobic treatment.
• Minimal foot Print
• Semi automatic and automatic plant operation.
• Treated water quality within permissible limit
• Environmentally Safe to treated sewage water dispose in Land or Water.
• Treated water can be reuse for gardening, toilet flushing, landscape, irrigation, construction application etc


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