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Green STP AD+

Green STP AD+ combines state of the art High Rate Anaerobic Reactor (HRAR) technology with a selection of adequate tertiary treatment. HRAR works naturally without the use of any form of energy and conserves the last drop of water, putting it back to use, making it ecological & categorized under Green technology. This not only conserves energy, but produces energy in the form of bio-gas. Green STP AD+ is a result of years of hard work & time tested technology made available for full-blown decentralized wastewater treatment system [DWATS] and reuse systems aligned with the project specific conditions and requirements. Like that we can provide our clients custom tailored wastewater solutions with outstanding economic and ecologic performances while making maximal benefit out of on-site reuse of domestic waste water. Green STPs are engineered to comply with the respective regulations and norms.

Strategically adapted Green STP AD+, economically enhances socio-ecological condition of the county. Water deprive countries can now consider sewage water as a resource. Excess treated post Green STP AD+ water is extremely safe to any receiving environment. Green Sewage Treament Plant


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