waste water treatment
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Architects corner

Total Water Management Solutions
Our Water Treatment Solutions bring a unique blend of technical skills, integrated technology & total project management with an understanding of clients’ objectives and aspirations for a long term sustainable solutions. Our Objective is to get associated with the Architects & MEP Consultants in giving Green Solutions on Water & Wastewater Treatment requirements of the project. Our success mantra is, We do not promote one particular technology rather integrate different technologies as per the Source of Water & Application of Treatment Water.

Our Green Water Solutions:

Drinking Water Treatment Solutions

Drinking Water Treatment Solutions
Customized solutions for drinking water treatment plant as per water source & its applications

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Solutions

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Solutions
Design & Supply of Swimming pool treatment plant as per pool type Specialist in Competition Pools, Public Pools, Private Pools, Lap Pool Water Treatment, Luxury pools.

 Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant
Design & Supply of Green Sewage Treatment Plant & Grey Water Treatment Plant as per application of Treated Sewage Water


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