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High Rate Anaerobic Reactors (HRAR) refers to bioreactors which can retain active biomass in the reactor independently of the incoming wastewater (Hydraulic Residence Time HRT). Slow growing anaerobes can be maintained in the reactors at high concentrations, enabling high reaction rate per unit reactor volume and high resistance of organic or hydraulic shock loads. HRAR can be used to treat wastewater from various sources and strengths like waste water from domestic sources, hospitals and industries like distilleries or food-processing.
The HRAR we use are cascaded in series to multi-step anaerobic systems, enabling separation of the anaerobic treatment steps (Hydrolysis/Acidogenesis/Acetogenesis/Methanogenesis) without difficult process controlling. With respect to sustainability and cost- effectiveness, anaerobic treatment has the core advantage of avoiding the loss of energy for destruction of organic matter, while energy is reclaimed from the organic waste constituents in the form of methane in biogas.

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