waste water treatment
waste water treatment
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News Letters:

01. Kill Corona Before it Kills You
A newsletter explains how you need to counter any microbial cross contamination in most simple & effective way.
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02. Mushrooming of Disinfection Mist Tunnels
In current pandemic situation like mushroom many chemical based mist tunnels has come up in market. This newsletter gives you answer to why WHO has ban sodium hypochlorite based mist tunnels. Also find mathematical calculation behind chemical mist tunnels.
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03. Performance Spectrum – Indoor Air Treatment
This newsletter explains in depth the different air treatment technologies & there spectrum coverage with respect to pollutants. It also gives reader in depth multiple technology comparisons, by it becomes easy to select right technology for their application.
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04. UVGI for IAQ & HVAC
This newsletter gives reader inside technical & logical explanation on facts & Falaise of UVGI.
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05. Office Air & Surface Treatment (Proof Of Concept)
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06. Hospital Acquired Infection Control
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