waste water treatment
waste water treatment
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01. Indoor Air Quality - Commercial & Institutions
This presentation is on challenges in indoor air, about which property owners, consultants, facility managers, human resource managers face daily. Here, we have presented solution to their IAQ concerns
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02. Indoor Air Quality – Manufacturing Industries
This presentation is about the microbial challenges  plant manager & quality assurance manager faces in any manufacturing industry. These can be spoilage, rejection & recall and these can easily be eliminated with the help of Chemtronics innovative solutions.
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03. ECOBOI Technology- Air and Surface Disinfection
The presentation above gives a detailed explanation of ECOBOI Technology. It gives vivid imagery of the advantages and applications that ECOBOI Technology finds in multiple spectrums.
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04. Hospital - Uncompromised Safety And Hygiene
This presentation gives a broad range of products and machinery that find application in the Hospital and Healthcare industry.
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