waste water treatment
waste water treatment
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Dry Disinfection Tunnel

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by recently discovered Corona Virus

When a person enters any premises, they can carry millions of bacteria & viruses on his body. These germs are spread on surfaces & air of lobby, corridors, reception, lifts, work space, washrooms, etc. In case of manufacturing companies & factories the germs can spread in production & manufacturing areas, packing, storage and other working spaces.

Dry disinfection tunnel is an entry & exit point surface disinfection for staff, visitors & personal belongings. All staff entering the work place can pass through innovative dry disinfection tunnel & get themselves & their personal belongings disinfected. While leaving the premises again they can pass through the dry disinfection tunnel, so as far as possible they do not carry the germs home.

In India couple of municipal hospitals are using this tunnel for their medical staff, doctors, patients & their relatives from April 2020. This versatile dry disinfection tunnel can also be used for furniture, baggage, wheel chair, stretcher, cars, delivery vehicles, ambulance & many more in commercial & institutional applications. For manufacturing industries tunnels can be used for their staff, raw material entry & finished goods going out, transport vehicles, etc.

Application Spectrum :
Schools & Collages
Super markets

Manuf. Plants
Railway Stations

Advantage :
The distinct advantage of dry disinfection tunnel is that it not only disinfects the air unlike UVGI, but also the tunnel air is completely filled with electro chemical oxidisers. The reach & penetration depth is extremely high compared to any other method of disinfection. Oxidiser is so bended in tunnel air that when any person or object enters inside, it comes in contact of each & every part where air is in contact.
The second distinct advantage is that there is no area can be left untreated due to cover or shadow effect.
Check the live test video for efficacy test done in one of the hospital, where 87% reduction is achieved.

Media :
01.Live Video for Hospital Tunnel 01
Check the live test video for efficacy test done in one of the hospital, where 87% reduction is achieved. .

Local Municipal Hospital

Local Municipal Hospital
Available Models
Dry Advance Disinfection Tunnel by Chemtronics


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