waste water treatment
waste water treatment
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When an individual enters any indoor premises, they generally stay inside for 4 to 8 hours. Here, he or she are most vulnerable towards cross contaminations, in-spite of whatever level of precaution they take. First they breathe the same indoor air which is exhaled by their colleagues, guests or visitors. Now this can be seriously contaminated with the germs & they have no option but to breathe it. The viruses & bacteria are so small that they can get pass through any of your protective gears like mask or face shield. Second, knowingly or unknowingly doing their work or any activities, they touch numerous objects, which are full of germs.

Since daily places like offices, schools, hotels, hospitals etc. are not having clean-room hygienic conditions, it is natural for germs & biofilm to grow & spread. The comprehensive solution to this is to have disinfectants present everywhere at all times where germs can hide & multiply. Treating air or disinfecting air is just 20% of the real solution, what you need is that the complete indoor air has to be with the disinfectant in it , fighting for you 24x7 anywhere & everywhere you go.

Solutions :
Install our all-time all around air oxidant, which will take care safely, silently & most effectively of your entire indoor air, all surfaces, inside your furniture, walls, false ceilings, HVAC ducting & many more places where germs can hide, multiply & spread. We have solutions for all kinds of comfort airconditioned spaces & non-air conditioned spaces.

Different solutions & models are available for centralised air conditions, split AC’s, cassette AC’s, Ductable, ductable TFAs & non airconditioned spaces.

Contact us for no obligation design, application & sizing consultation. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you resolve your issues permanently.

Application Spectrum :
Schools & Collages
Super markets

Manuf. Plants
Railway Stations

Advantage :
The unique advantage of all time all over disinfection is not only disinfecting air, but all time air is with disinfectant. Since air is carrying the dry disinfectant its reach is unmatchable with any technology. In this case you are not worried about any foreign germs entering your indoor space by your colleagues or visitors.

There are strong possibilities by which they can spread germs, this can be by carrying on their body, touching, sneezing, coughing or even talking. But with your all time disinfectant in air, it will instantly oxidise any kind of bacteria or viruses trying to spread then & there only.

The second advantage is, any incoming fresh air also gets disinfected very quickly safeguarding occupants.
As a bonus, the oxidant can also oxidise chemical pollutants, VOCs, odour & toxic fumes and enhancing indoor air quality. This brings energy & freshness to indoor space.


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