waste water treatment
waste water treatment
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Indoor Air Treatment - IAT 500

Indoor Air needs to be disinfected 24*7 in the presence of humans. IAT 500 is a wall mount unit which covers an area of 250 – 300 sqft of work space ensuring the area is not susceptible to any growth of contamination. Single standard model is available for disinfection of indoor work spaces.
Electrochemical Oxidants riding on Bipolar Oxygen Ions are released in the area which oxidize all form of contamination such as Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds, etc from all corners of the Room.
Wherever air can travel ECOBOI will travel along with it and cover all the parts of the Room.

24*7 Mode | Booster Mode
Built In Feed Air Pump
Stainless Steel Enclosure
Wall Mount – Light Weight
Programmable Logic Controller
ECO Carriers
Deep Cleaning in absence of humans

Air ozone generator Application: Major applications areas of ECOBOI generators are to reduce practically all kinds of odor and disinfect air by destroying all airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, spores etc. Achieving Enhancement in Indoor Air quality is one of the major concern where cross contamination is controlled and the factors leading to sick building syndrome are reduced resulting in freshness for work environment.

Following are few of its application areas:
Air disinfection
Air Odor Control
VOC reduction
Reduce Sick Building Syndromes
Enhance Indoor Air Quality
Smoking lounges
Fire/Burning odor reduction
Sewage & Garbage odor reduction
OT & ICU disinfection
Air Fumigation
Clean room applications
Production, Packing & Storages
Cold rooms | cold storages.

Diversified Industrial Use:
Corporate Offices
Schools | Colleges
Shopping Malls
Gym | Sports Clubs
Food Processing
Bakery & Confectionaries
Process | Packing
Storage | Cold Storages
R & D Labs
Medical & Health Care
Hotels | Resorts | Hospitality
Smoking Lounges
Bar | Pubs | Restaurants | Clubs
Godowns | Store Rooms
Clean Rooms
Mosque | Temples | Churches

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Mode of Operation:
As per different operation conditions & requirements, air ozone generators can be used in followings operating modes:
• 24 * 7 Mode - In this mode ECOBOI generator starts releasing ECOBOI in air for preset durations of time. These are released at a regular interval maintaining the disinfectant level in the application area.

• Booster Mode – In this mode the ECOBOI generator releases ECOBOI as a shock treatment where the entire application area is completely filled with disinfectant in the absence of humans, two cycles of shock treatment are carried out after which it switches back to 24 * 7 mode.

Technical Specifications & Scope of Supply:
Model No. : IAT - 500
Make : Chemtronics® (Made in India)
Feed Gas : Ambient dry, dust & moisture free Air
ECO Concentration : 90.0 – 120.0 mG/m3
MOC of ECO reactor : SS 316 / glass
MOC – Enclosure : Stainless steel
Finish – Enclosure : Glossy
Protection Enclosure : IP 54
Indicator : ECOBOI ON + Booster ON
Service Indicator : Non resettable hour meter
Operating Temperature : 15 ° C – 35 ° C
Mounting/Installation : Wall
Line Voltage : 220 V ac; I phase; 50 Hz
Power : 12 W
Weight : 03 Kg
Dimension (L W D) : 350 mm x 180 mm x 100 mm

Available Models:

Model No. Capacity (mg/m3) BOI (MPCC) Application Area Coverage [ sq.ft. ] Net Weight [Kg.] Net Weight [Kg.]
Express Fabricare Hyderabad 26-May-12 Laundry - Commercial Washer OG/HC - 35
OG/HC - 35


Dimension: :


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