Industrial ozone generators
Sewage Treatment Plant, India Waste Water Treatment

- Sewage Treatment Plant
Grey Water Treatment
- Decentralised STP
- Containerized STP
- Skid Mounted STP
- STP for labor camp
Compact STP

- Sustainable STP
- STP for weekend home
- Tertiary Treatment with Ozonation Water Treatment Solutions

- Drinking Water Treatment
- Ozone in Food & Beverage
- Swimming Pool/Ponds
- Process Water Treatment
- Type II RO Water
- Ozone Laundry System
- Cooling Tower Treatment
- Municipal Drinking Water
- Sea Water Desalination
- River/Lake/Dam Ground Air Treatment Solutions

- Operation Room Fumigation
- Odor removal / Control
- Indoor Air Treatment
- Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
- HVAC / AHU Ozonation
- Air Disinfection
- VOC Reduction
- Sick Building Syndrome
- Production Industry
- Packing Industry

  Water Air Ozonation

Indoor Air Treatment, Mumbai, MaharashtraReverse Osmosis Light industrial

 Reverse Osmosis Light industrial

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Standard Features:

Ion Exchange, Backwash Softening system
Multimedia Carbon Backwash System
80 GPM Sediment Filter
High Flow Booster Pump
Filmtec Brackish TFC Membranes
CD10/AD Ozone Generator with Built-in Air Dryer
Ozone Circulation Pump with Injector
Ozone Contact Tank
Ozone Sensor
Smart Grundfos Delivery Pump
Coconut Shell Carbon Post-Filter
Stainless Steel Ultra Violet Disinfection Lamp
Auto Logic Processor with Auto Flush and On-Off Start Delay
Twin TDS, Conductivity and Temperature Monitor
Six Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges for every other Step
Waste Water Recycle Capability
Product, Waste and Circulation Flow Meters
Complete Panel for Easy Control
Four Light Indicators for all 3 Pumps and Ozone Generator
Flow Sensor
Low and High Pressure Switches

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Ozone Generator, Water Treatment

Green Building Air Quality SolutionsGreen Building Air Quality Solutions

Green Building
Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Sustainable Building
Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

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Different categories of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Light Commercial
Reverse Osmosis Heavy Commercial
Reverse Osmosis Light Industrial
Reverse Osmosis Heavy Industrial

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