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About Us

To apply ozone technology globally with industry experienced business associates. And to train human resources for successful implementation of environment friendly ozone technology for benefit of mankind.

• To provide comprehensive plug & play integrated ozone system.
• Quick return on investment.
• Enhance Process, Product, and Production.
• Reduce rejection & spoilage.
• Energy efficient & environment friendly.

1. 100,000 man-hours experience in air, water & waste water treatment.
2. Optimum Sizing, Creative Designing & System integration with peripheral Equipment for New Projects & Retrofitting in existing projects
3. In house manufacturing of IV-Generation integrated ozone system in compliance to ISO Standards.
4. Engineering System implementation.
5. Efficient & effective after sales service.

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Hi, I am Sunil Shah, founder director of Chemtronics. As you are on this page indicates you are interested in Ozone Technology offered by us. Please discuss with me your problems & our team will be more than happy to give you right direction and comprehensive solution.
You can directly contact me on +91-9321234527 or mail me your issues, my mail id is sunilshah@chemtronicsindia.com


• Understand clients need & carry out feasibility study.
• Manufacture integrated ozone system.
• Engineering System integration & implementation in existing process

More than a decade ago in year 2004 Chemtronics started its operation in Mumbai. Financial capital of India in air, water & waste water treatment & reclaim. Chemtronics used modern diversified technologies with optimum combination, to provide sustainable quality solution at right price. Over the period of time, with the team of industry experts, Chemtronics kept on developing & mastering innovative solution. Chemtronics competency lies in its ability to understand the client’s requirement & offering technically appropriate solution.

Chemtronics has always accepted unknown challenges & offered successful solutions to handle them. We are proud to state that till date we have never failed in our offerings & solutions. We understand varied issued related to air, water, waste water & offer cost effective simple solutions.

In many of our solutions we used Ozone to treat air, water, & waste water. Our team members started exploiting more & more use of ozone & innovative ways of integrating & implementation. From year 2008 Chemtronics has started providing solution in air, water & waste water by integrating ozone.

Today Chemtronics has emerged as having unique combination of expertise in air, water & waste water treatment with in house manufacturing of latest IV generation of ozone generators.

We have completed more than 100 diversified projects using ozone as one of core solution. Chemtronics has developed proprietary technology called integrated ozone system [IOS]. IOS is quite different from conventional ozone generators today being offered in the market. Chemtronics manufactures industrial ozone generators under the brand name of “CHEMOZONE™ ”.

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Email : solution@chemtronicsindia.com
Phone : +91-22-2825 9933
Mr. Sunil Shah : +91-93212 34527
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