waste water treatment
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About Us

Is to be the top sustainable solution providing company in the field of AIR , WATER & WASTEWATER, for the Benefit of Environment & Mankind. 

• To implement our solutions with an industry-experienced business associate.
• Also to train human resources to implement solutions for the betterment of their Client’s Customers by way of: 
• Lower CAPEX & OPEX with quick ROI & control Carbon footprint.
• Enhance Process, Product, or Services.
• Reduce Spoilage, Rejection, Recall & Disposal.
• Plug & Play systems.

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Background of Chemtronics is a small enterprise that began its journey in 1995 offering consultation in design & development services by a young first-generation entrepreneur. In the year 2004, Chemtronics started its operations as a private limited company from Mumbai, the financial capital of India.
Chemtronics started as a manufacturing company & soon established and gained a reputation in the industry as a solution providing company in the field of treatment of air , water & wastewater. Over the period of time, with the team of industry experts, Chemtronics kept on developing & mastering innovative solutions. Chemtronics' competency lies in its ability to understand the client’s requirements & offering technically appropriate solutions.
           Soon in the year 2008, team Chemtronics started exploring & researching next-generation technology using Ozone. The challenging part of Ozone technology was that it involves a multi-discipline of science, chemistry, engineering at the same time was academically evolving technology. Having a background in water & wastewater treatment it was exciting to integrate Ozone or AOP for the treatment of
air , water & wastewater. Our team members started exploiting more & more use of ozone & AOP. In the process, they gathered knowledge and experience to implement innovative ways of integration & implementation. 

Chemtronics has developed a proprietary technology called integrated ozone system [IOS]. IOS is quite different from conventional ozone generators today being offered in the industry. Today Chemtronics has emerged by having a unique combination of both experience and expertise in air, water & wastewater treatment with in-house manufacturing of the latest IV generation of ozone generators. 
It is quite exciting to highlight some of the solutions designed, developed & successfully implemented by Chemtronics.

Water Treatment


Waste Water Treatment

In the year 2010, Chemtronics developed innovative solutions for the treatment of Indoor & Exhaust air & soon became the preferred choice of many MEP consultants like MEP Consulting Engineers, AECOM, Buro Happold, Godrej MEP, RSP Design, Hill International, SN Joshi, Refrisynth, Design Tree, Due Point, TCE, KPM, EDRE, Rayls, Proion, etc.

Recently for COVID 19, Chemtronics has developed a new technology called “ECOBOI” for protection from cross contaminations. This is extremely effective for hospitals & Healthcare, Hotels & Resorts, govt. & private offices, schools & colleges, etc. ECOBOI is highly result-oriented for manufacturing industries. 

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Email : solution@chemtronicsindia.com
Phone : +91-22-4006 9933
Mr. Sunil Shah : +91-93212 34527
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