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Integrated Ozone System

Ozone Generator Range

Integrated Ozone System | Integrated With Peripheral Equipments | Plug & Play

Chemtronics manufacture & supply Integrated Ozone Systems worldwide in diversified applications under the brand of “CHEMOZONE”. Our ozone generator ranges from 2gm/hr to 1kg/hr. We also provide ozone generator for large application in multiple options.

The key factor for the success of ozone technology is not only having the equipment but its integration & implementation.

We have master this art over a period of time in all applications of Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, IT parks, Industries, Factories, Food Processing, Malls, Exhibitions Centre, Water treatment applications, Sewage Treatment Plants, Laundry, HVAC/AHU, Cooling Tower, etc.

Integrated Ozone System [IOS] is designed to quickly integrate in to an existing water line. It requires one inlet, one outlet & power point. Integrate Ozone System [IOS] is stand alone plug & play technology.

Integrated Ozone System [IOS]
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