waste water treatment
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1. Warranty term
Standard Warranty term | Service under warranty | AMC

2. General/Standard Terms & Conditions of Quotation – Local [Within India] & Export [Out Of India]
About Delivery period | Packing | Insurance | Freight | Taxation | Payment Term | Warranty |Installation Commissioning Payment Term | Validity | Other.

3. Bank detail for NEFT / RTGS / IMS – Within India
Chemtronics Bank details for fund transfer within India

4. Inward Foreign Remittance – For All Countries Other Than India
Inward remittance details for out of India client to make payment

5. Vender registration form
Vender can download the form & mail the duly filled form to purchase@chemtronicsindia.com

6. Purchase order format
Client can be download the format & mail to sales@chemtronicsindia.com to place an order to chemtronics.

7. O.E.M. Registration Form

8. Channel Partner Application Form

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Mr. Sunil Shah : +91-93212 34527
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