Ozone In Wine & Liquor Industry:

No Chlorine
Increases Productivity
Reduces Rejections & Spoilage
Increases Shelf life
Higher Safety & Hygiene
USDA & GRAS Confirmation

Raw Water Ozonation
Wine & Liquor industry can have diversified sources of water, which needs to be treated & disinfected for general usage & production. Ozonation at the entry level oxidizes organic impurities, removes any presence of color & Odor & quickly disinfects the raw water. A Distinct advantage is that post treatment excess ozone reverts back to natural oxygen without any effort & disinfectant by-products are harmless and treatment is environmental friendly.

Centralized & Local Process Water Ozonation
Flume Wash Water Ozonation
Clean-In-Place | CIP
Surface & Equipment Ozone Sanitation
Liquor Bottles | Barrel - Disinfection & Sanitation
Air Disinfection - Production | Packing | Storage
Odor Control - STP Exhaust Air | Organic Water Composter | Garbage room
Waste Water | STP Tertiary Stage Ozonation

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