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Food Processing | Beverage
Wine & Liquor
Dairy | Bakery | Confectionary
Ice Cream | Chocolate

Clean in process, is an integral part of all industries where food & liquor is prepared for human consumption. Pharmaceutical & medicine industries also carry out CIP. In general depending upon industry, CIP is done 1-3 times in a day. Whenever process stops or processing ingredient is changed CIP is required. Standard cycle of CIP has acid & base wash, followed by rinse & disinfection using chemical or steam. Finally post chemical dis-infection rinse of 1-2 cycles is necessary.

There are three main areas which gets contaminated & infected & needs serious disinfection.
Public places | Production | Processing houses

Public places are further classified into two;
Highly sensitive
Modality sensitive

Production, processing, & storage places are;
Pharmaceutical & clean room

Food processing -
Beef pork mutton
Dairy, chocolate, ice cream
Bakery & confectionery
Packed food & tin food
Sea food
Wine beverages

Storage transportation -
Aero space
Nuclear research

Using control dose of air ozone keeps air disinfected. Ozone being strongest air disinfectant works very quickly & does not produce any harmful by-products. Also unused ozone gets self destructed into harmless oxygen & the process can be expertise by ozone destruct techniques.

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