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 Back flow preventer Back flow preventer
Prevents water to flow back from the ventury to ozone generator, so that cell is not damaged.

Commercial  Oxygen Concentrator Commercial Oxygen Concentrator
0.3 Nm3/hr | 0.5 Nm3/hr | 0.6 Nm3/hr
Generates dry oxygen of 85-90% concentration from ambient air having 20.8% oxygen. This has flow rate of 2-5 l/hr.

Light industrial Oxygen Concentrator Light industrial Oxygen Concentrator
1.0 Nm3/hr 5.0 Nm3/hr
Light Industrial grade oxygen concentrator generates 90-95% concentrated oxygen with a flow rate above 2.0 Nm3/hr [30 LPM].

 Titanium Dome Diffuser Titanium Dome Diffuser
The ozone bubbles released from the tube, need to be broken down into finer bubbles for more efficient mixing of ozone in the liquid.

Static Mixer Static Mixer
Breaks the ozone bubbles into finer bubbles to increase the total surface area of the ozone bubble. By increasing the number of finer bubbles the gas to liquid transfer efficiency is increased.

 Ventury Ventury
Ventury is a mechanical device, sucks gas when low pressure (suction) is created by passing higher velocity water flow

 Un-dissolved Ozone destructor Un-dissolved Ozone destructor
Destructs ozone that does not dissolve in water. It converts the un-dissolved ozone back to oxygen before releasing in atmosphere.

Ozone mixing tank    Ozone mixing tank
DContact tank which provides sufficient time for the ozone gas to dissolve in water.

Oxidation reduction potential sensorORP sensor
Oxidation reduction potential offers real time monitoring and recording of water disinfection potential.

Un-dissolved Ozone Air ventUn-dissolved Ozone Air vent
The ozone gas which is not dissolved in water needs to be released from the tank, this is done with the help of air vent.

Stone Diffuser Stone Diffuser
This diffuser is used in small machines, mostly for personal ozone generator. The bubbles of ozone are broken into finer bubbles to provide good efficiency in ozone to liquid contact.

White anti oxidant tube White anti oxidant tube
Antioxidant flexible tube is connected at the outlet of the ozone generator as it does not get corroded by ozone.

VOC Monitor cum Controller VOC Monitor cum Controller
Real time continuous VOC detection and alarm for Humidity and Temperature detection

Ambient Ozone Monitor cum Controller
Real time continuous ambient ozone gas detection with High sensitivity semi - conductor ozone sensor
Obsolete Model

Ambient Ozone Monitor Ambient Ozone Monitor cum Controller
Monitoring of ozone gas present in a room along with controlling to maintain the ozone level as per requirement.
Measuring Range :- 0 ppb to 5000 ppb

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