Ozone in Warehouse & Cold Storage

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Increase Shelf Life
Reduce Spoilage
Dairy | Live Stock | Food
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Ware house & cold storage can store live stocks & food products for short & long term storages. Warehouse & cold storage can easily maintain required temperature, humidity & cleanliness. But it is very difficult to maintain safety & hygiene. It is important to maintain micro trial count under control or else shelf life & quality gets significantly affected. Main challenge in warehouse & cold storage is to control mold, fungi’s, air bone bacteria & viruses.

Use of control dose of gaseous ozone in air handling system can significantly control the growth of mold, fungi’s, and micro organisms. Originally ozonated cold storage did not allow growth of mold & fungi’s. if mold & fungi are already present in food, ozone starts recovery them & also removes odor produced by them. Lower temperature in cold storage slows down the opening process. Some fruits like apple & banana releases ethylene gas during slow ripening process & ethylene in the air can accelerate the ripening process. Use of ozone in cold storage reacts with ethylene & slows the ripening process.

Chemtronics integrated ozone system [IOS] in-plug & play type, easy to install in the existing air handling system of cold storage. Chemtronics design team can make a suitable design to retrofit air ozone system, in existing facilities. In case of godowns & warehouses, integrated ozone system can be installed with air circulation system for maximum performance.

Unlike ultraviolet light in which only air that comes in visible contact can be disinfected. Ozone being gas goes into each and every part of stored food grains & live stock. Ozone quickly surrounds the object & maintains very high degree of disinfection

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