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Ozone Flume Wash

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Fruits & vegetables industry use flume waste wash for surface disinfection & pesticide cleaning. Most common disinfectant in chlorine & its derivatives like sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide etc. use of chlorine is very dangerous when it comes in contact with impurities present on food & vegetable. Chlorine in the process of disinfection produces so called disinfectant by product [DBPs] like trihalomethane which are carcinogens in nature when chlorine is used as a disinfectant. Waste water is hazardous to environment & needs further treatment before it can be disposed. In Many countries Pollution Control Board [PCB] discourages use of chlorine or has a ban on use of chlorine.
In year 1997 USDA approved ozone as GRAS & in year 2001-2002 USFDA approved use of ozone in direct contact with food items. As soon as ozone got approved from USFDA, its popularity in flume wash suddenly increased & is still increasing.
As ozone has comparatively short half life, because of this it cannot be transported or stored in cylinders. Ozone gas has to be produced on site. Ozone is produced from ambient air. Ozone generator does not have any consumable other than electricity.

Advantages of ozone flume wash water:
Ozone is cost effective, when it comes to consumables.
3000 times faster & 50% more powerful than chlorine.
Ozone does not leave unpleasant odor or chemical but it removes pesticides & odor it present.
Post disinfection ozone reaction does not produce harmful by product & residual ozone reverts back to natural oxygen.
Direct contact of ozone for disinfection for fruits & vegetables is approved by FDA & USDA.
Ozone is produce at site, so there is no hazard of transportation storage & use.
Entire integrated ozone system for flume wash or soak in plug & play type & can easily be integrated in existing flume wash equipments.

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