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Cigarette odor eliminator

Cigarette Odor Air Disinfection
No Cigarette odor
Air Disinfection | Sterilization
Enhance Indoor Air Quality [IAQ]
No Smell from Walls
No Smell from Interiors
Eliminates Molds, Fungus, Bacteria

Odor Control
Most of the Hotel rooms, Resorts, Pubs, Bars, Casino, Offices, Waiting Rooms, Smoking Lounge have people smoking during their stay. Due to prestige of the hotels and resorts the management are forced to allow smoking of their Guests within their rooms, lobbies, washrooms, bar, restaurants. Rooms are centrally air conditioned so the odor of smoke travels to the adjoining rooms also, this causes inconvenience to the guests staying in the adjoining rooms.

To overcome these issues some basic measures that are taken by the management is, they provide an individual cascade arrangement of Air conditioning so the odor & smoke of cigarette does not bother the adjoining rooms guests. By doing so the capital cost of air-conditioning & operation & maintenance cost & electricity cost increase prohibitively. Not only the cost but by doing so, they isolate the cigarette odor and smoke from the adjoining rooms but when the guest leaves the room and the next guest enters in the same room, they start to feel the presence of cigarette odor which is most of the times not accepted by the guest. The cigarette smoke has odor, toxic nicotine & sticky tar like chemicals which sticks in upholstery, carpets, False ceiling, bed sheets, curtains, pillows, walls, closets, wardrobes and the furniture.
To overcome these issues house keeping and facility managers camouflage the cigarette odor with aerosols, room fresheners and cleaning chemicals which again aggregate the VOC’s. This further consumes the fresh oxygen in the room and guest may be deprived of freshness in the room, which ultimately demands more intake of fresh air, eventually increasing the Air conditioning electrical load.

Solution For Cigarette Smoke Odor Control
Chemtronics has come with an innovative solution which can not only control the cigarette smoke odor but also reduce molds, fungus & misty odors due to dampness, VOC, and many other indoor pollutants but also reduces fresh air demand. With the addition of control dose of ozone, indoor air pollutant can easily be oxidized, indoor air quality is enhanced without extra intake of fresh air. This dramatically increases the indoor air quality and gives freshness to the guest.
The Portable Ozone generator is a device which is light in weight, easy to operate by housekeeping staff and is sufficient for one hotel room. The house keeping team can use the Portable ozone generator once the guest leaves the room during cleaning. A small dose of ozone can eliminate all the cigarette odor and the toxics in the room and bring back the freshness in the room.
The unique feature of Chemtronics Air ozone generator is that it comes with built-in “Negative ion generator. These negative ions carry the ozone gas much deeper & efficiently to smoke & odor causing molecules. These negative ions with ozone riding over it help in settling fine colloidal dust, bacteria, pollen & smoke particles.

How to eliminate cigarette smoke odor :
To eliminate the cigarette smoke odor, follow the following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP):
1. Close the area/room which needs to be treated.
2. Vacate the area during ozone treatment.
3. Keep air-conditioning blower or room fans ON (keep ozone properly circulated)
4. Set digital timer to 15 min. (Factory setting is 15 min. ON & 60 min. OFF)
5. Place Portable Ozone Generator on the table, preferably at on corner & facing ozone outlet nozzle toward the room.
6. Press Green Start button & vacate to room.
7. After one hour (that is 45 min. after the ozonator shuts off) enter the room, for normal use.
8. Depending on the level of residual cigarette odor the ozone treatment can be repeated, also ozone ON time can be increased.

1. Keeping air condition fan/blow on circulates the ozone within the ductwork, cleaning & disinfecting inside duct & AHU built-up.
2. If ON time of the ozonator is more than one hour, it is important to keep any one window 150 mm open, for fresh air for ozone production. Also in this case ozonator should be kept near open window.
3. For any difficulty or doubt pl. refer the operational manual or contact us by mail at sales@chemtronicsindia.com or call us on +91-022-2837 9933; +91-932 425 9933.

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